Next Bout – February 18th

Who: OCCRD All-Stars vs Como Derby Dames

What: Away Bout

When: Saturday, February 18th

Where: Columbia, MO

How: Join us on the road to Como! RSVP to their Facebook event or purchase $8 tickets online, or pay $10 at the door.

Community Event!

Join us Saturday, February 25th at the Deadwood in Downtown Iowa City. At 7 pm we are asking for current and prior OCCRD referees, skaters, volunteers, etc to join us for an evening to catch up or talk about the next home bout on March 4th. Anyone is welcome, but we’d love to see some of your faces we haven’t seen in awhile! RSVP on Facebook for updates.


Next Home Bout – March 4th

Who: OCCRD All-Stars vs. ICT Roller Derby


When: Saturday, March 4th

Where: Coralville Marriott Convention Center

How: Purchase tickets for $10 at New Pioneer Co-op, Crossroads Tattoo or from any skater. Tickets are $13 at the door, kids 10 and under are free.


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Date OCCRGTeam OCCRGScore Opponent OpponentScore Location
February 18, 2017 All-Stars 0 Como Derby Dames 0 Columbia, MO
March 4, 2017 All-Stars 0 ICT Roller Derby 0 HOME
April 15, 2017 All-Stars 0 ICT All-Stars 0 Wichita, KS
April 15, 2017 Ped Maulers 0 ICT Roller Derby Havoc 0 Wichita, KS
April 29, 2017 Ped Maulers 0 TBA 0 HOME